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New Innovative Green Solutions: BuzziPlanter 90 & BuzziPlanter 90 Half

Where nature meets acoustics.

BuzziSpace, a trailblazer in sustainable acoustic solutions, is excited to unveil its latest creations – BuzziPlanter 90 and BuzziPlanter 90 Half. These cutting-edge models are poised to revolutionize interior design by seamlessly blending nature, acoustics, and aesthetic appeal.

BuzziPlanter 90: Where Nature Meets Acoustics

Designed with both functionality and style in mind, BuzziPlanter 90 is a perfect fusion of a planter and an acoustic element. Its spacious design accommodates a variety of plants, bringing a touch of nature indoors while serving as a powerful sound-absorbing solution. This model is meticulously crafted to enhance both the visual and auditory experiences within any space.

BuzziPlanter 90 Half: Compact Elegance, Maximum Impact

For those seeking a more compact yet equally impactful solution, BuzziPlanter 90 Half is the answer. This model embraces the same innovative design principles as its counterpart but in a more space-efficient form. Perfect for smaller spaces or as part of a modular design, BuzziPlanter 90 Half proves that good things come in smaller packages.

When BuzziPlanter 90 and BuzziPlanter 90 Half are not being used, or during the winter season, they can be transformed into a stylish table by using an upholstered cover. All you need to do is place the fabric-covered plate onto the wooden surface, and voila!

Introduce BuzziCee Half for Double the Fun

You can also pair BuzziPlanter 90 and BuzziPlanter 90 Half with our latest BuzziCee Half model. The adaptability of these sustainable solutions also allows for creative configurations, transforming any environment into a thriving ecosystem, from collaborative spaces to relaxation zones, that resonates with life and environmental responsibility.

BuzziSpace BuzziCee Acoustic seating sofa
BuzziSpace BuzziCee Acoustic seating sofa
BuzziSpace BuzziCee Acoustic seating sofa

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