BuzziShield Light

BuzziShield Light: A voluminous powerhouse

BuzziShield Light is our first linear lighting solution that is fully integrated into an upholstered core. BuzziShield Light elegantly combines the acoustic capabilities of a voluminous body with the addition of functional light, making this acoustic powerhouse suited for any workspace and Hubs for Togetherness setting.

Voluminous body

Just like the other members of the BuzziShield family, BuzziShield Light features a rich and voluminous acoustic body that instantly creates a warm and welcoming environment in any workspace while absorbing excessive noise. And due to its soft curvature, this acoustic lighting solution can be placed next to each other in a continuous line to establish an eye-catching ceiling.

All in the details

As both design and craftsmanship are important to us, BuzziShield Light features impeccable stitch detailing and an innovative and elegant curved body. To ensure you can establish your desired atmosphere, the solution can also be dimmed. Embedded with the same design language, BuzziShield Light can also work in conjunction with BuzziShield Hook and BuzziShield Free for that ultimate soft architecture look.

Mix & Match

BuzziShield Light is offered in both a Medium and Large variant in three different heights meaning you can easily mix and match various models to create a dynamic and fun work setting. Make sure to play around with different finishes and colors to suit your decor needs.

Shine bright

BuzziShield Light features our new LED line, which means brighter and happier workspaces.

Create a warm and welcoming environment

Acoustics : Tone it down


Maximum Absorption


Maximum Diffusion


Maximum Attenuation

Unlike its metal counterparts, BuzziShield Light works well to absorb and attenuate Mid, Low, and High frequencies closer to their point of origin due to its thick upholstered body and height. It also helps reduce sound transfers between zones to keep your workplace a happy and healthy one.

Acoustic performance

Low Tones

Low Tones

Mid Tones

Mid Tones

High Tones

High Tones

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