Deloitte Creates a Living Landscape for Its Prague Office

Our BuzziBell and BuzziShade acoustic lighting solutions help strike up a balance between work and leisure for Deloitte employees.

Global professional services company Deloitte, with the help of Atelier Kunc Architects, has turned its Prague-based office into a “living landscape”, where the distinction between a traditional work environment and the feeling of relaxing at home fades away.

Utilizing a range of BuzziSpace acoustic lighting solutions, the updated office now strikes the perfect balance between work and leisure for Deloitte employees.

Take a closer look at the project below.

Small Meeting and Conference Rooms

As part of the setup, our iconic BuzziShade can be seen in a few of the office hubs, such as small meeting and conference rooms, breakout zones, and areas BuzziSpace has termed CollCom (Collaboration/Communication) - open workspaces that support communication, impromptu meetings, and spontaneous conversations. It can include informal meeting setups and semi-private workspaces.

These hubs will provide a space for both employees and guests to work on projects and presentations without any distractions or excessive noise.

Breakout Zones

Additionally, the whimsical BuzziBell can be seen in more of the social areas and break-out zones. This provides a place for informal get-togethers and chit-chat sessions for employee bonding and building company culture.


Products Used

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