BuzziNordic ST600

BuzziNordic ST600: Gather in style

For the design and furniture lovers out there, BuzziNordic ST600 features a modern take on Scandinavian influences. This heavy-duty table, constructed from 100% PEFC-certified wood, will not only add a homey feeling to your workspace but will also be a talking point for the years to come.

Nordic centerpiece

BuzziNordic ST600 will make for an ideal Hub for Togetherness. The Nordic style table can be used as the perfect spot to gather for meetings, work, study, and brainstorming. But it doesn’t end there. BuzziNordic ST600 can easily substitute mundane dining tables for both the residential and hospitality environments while suiting many different interiors.

Elegant design

Due to BuzziNordic ST600’s sleek and minimalist design, the table won’t overpower the look of your workspace, all while adding the perfect Scandinavian touch. From the robust tabletop down to its elegant legs, BuzziNordic ST600 perfectly balances these contrasting design languages to form a sophisticated solution. Furthermore, chamfered edges help to round out the soft shape of the tabletop.

Bring nature in

Many of us have an innate desire to be connected to the outdoors. So why not bring nature into your workspace? BuzziNordic ST600 arrives in either luxurious Ash Natural or Ash Black Stained; both finishes allow the table’s wood characteristics to remain visible. Over time, BuzziNordic ST600 will age beautifully.

Pair it

Additionally, this versatile table can be paired with a variety of our seating elements including BuzziFloat, BuzziDee Plus, or BuzziNordic ST100 to suit your interior design needs.

Create a sense of togetherness

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