BuzziPebl: Create a Serene Environment

Inspired by the smooth shape of a pebble, BuzziPebl absorbs sound waves while creating a serene environment.

Smooth surface

Move away from stiff, geometric shapes with BuzziPebl’s soft design language. The acoustic panel is crafted from our signature high-performant foam and can be upholstered in a range of high-quality fabrics. Combine BuzziPebl with our other curved acoustic solutions, such as BuzziChip, for that ultimate soft architecture look.

Carve your path

Depending on your needs, BuzziPebl can be ceiling-suspended or wall-mounted.

Create your zen

BuzziPebl is available in two shapes and two sizes, so you can easily create your zen space by mixing and matching. To finalize your atmosphere, combine BuzziPebl with BuzziPebl Light. The lighting option will provide ambient light into your space, whether it be an office, lounge, reception, bar, or restaurant.

Tone It Down : Tone It Down

BuzziPebl features a thick, upholstered body making it acoustically performant on mid, low, and high frequencies.

Add BuzziPebl to your space

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