Creating Cozy Environments, Stitch by Stitch: Maison Tricot x BuzziSpace

Read the full background story on our exclusive collaboration with knitwear and design experts, Maison Tricot.

When you think of words to describe Maison Tricot, many come flooding to mind. Among them are innovation, inspiration, artisanal, sustainability and craftsmanship.

So, it’s no wonder the creative collective, helmed by mother and son duo Hilde Frunt and Ilia Eckardt, has already worked with some of the biggest heavy hitters in both the fashion and design worlds, including Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester and Raf Simons.

As Maison Tricot continues on its meteoric rise, BuzziSpace has joined forces with the duo on an exclusive collaboration that pushes the boundaries of interior design. The exclusive BuzziKnit Dressed by Maison Tricot Collection perfectly fuses our expertise in acoustics and Maison Tricot's mastery of knits and textiles, resulting in a range of ground-breaking acoustic solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics of spaces but also champion eco-conscious practices.

The Vision:

At the heart of their collaboration lies a shared vision to create products that marry sustainability with functionality seamlessly. For the collaborative range with BuzziSpace, the masterminds behind Maison Tricot introduce into the market a completely new fabric, a high-end, handcrafted residential textile made from 100% recycled polyester fibre. The new easy-to-remove and washable fabric adorns an array of new and fan-favorite solutions, including updated shapes of our beloved acoustic poufs. 

The Innovation:

The result of the eco-friendly, sustainable collaboration is an offering of sustainable acoustic products that elevate the ambiance of any space, from open-plan offices and lounges to libraries and bars, while mitigating noise pollution. The acoustic solutions include room dividers, biophilic planters, seating, and more that seamlessly blend form and function while adding a touch of elegance to any interior. 

The Impact:

By prioritizing sustainability in the design process, BuzziSpace and Maison Tricot are setting a new standard for eco-conscious interior design, especially in the contract furniture market. The collaborative products not only reduce environmental impact but also contribute to creating healthier and more comfortable spaces for occupants.

It was time to introduce more texture and 3D knits into the BuzziSpace experience.

— Ilia Eckardt

Tell us how the collaboration between Maison Tricot and BuzziSpace came about.

I already knew Steve [BuzziSpace Founder | Chairman of the Supervisory Board], and we were already in chats when we were transforming our company from a fashion company into an interior design company. Because we’re still doing both, there was already a link between us with similar interests and similar visions. We had an in-depth chat about how it was time to introduce more texture and 3D knits into the BuzziSpace experience and how it would be a great attribution to the brand.

What unique strengths or perspectives does Maison Tricot bring to the collaboration?

BuzziSpace is also very textile-driven, which is part of your innovation and our strength. We wanted to bring in more texture, so together we are elevating the use of textiles, to create braids, crochet and knits to bring depth into the collection. We are also bringing together volume and organicness and linking them more to craftsmanship.

How did the design process unfold between Maison Tricot and BuzziSpace?

Because we do everything by hand, that is the biggest challenge, which also takes up a lot of time. BuzziKnit Planter was a challenge because of its chunky design, so it takes a lot of craftsmanship. We use special needles and a special knitting system, which we have invented. Our fashion background, which you can see, comes in handy. Let’s say we can make things that nobody can copy. Also, because the contract market is so demanding, we needed to make sure our stitch was strong enough and not too stretchy.

What role do materials play in the collection, and how did you choose them?

What we developed especially for this project, was to give it some richness and softness. For the thick Weave stitch, the lane thread of that one is the same as the Chunky stitch. That’s the yarn we developed, especially for us to knit, so we could knit a chunkier version. We also wanted the textiles to be very natural and organic, that’s why we chose recycled PET.

Can you highlight key design elements or features of the collaborative project and how they address acoustic needs?

It was nice to play with the advantages of knitting with chunkier knits. This, for example, adds more acoustic value to the BuzziKnit Planter because of the added texture and extra layer. Also, with more people working from home after the pandemic, we wanted to bring coziness into the workspace. What is the best way to bring coziness to the office? It’s craftsmanship, knitting, crocheting.

What impact do you anticipate the collaborative product to have on the market or within specific industries?

We are taking a step more into braiding and introducing high-end products into the market. There are very few dimensional textures in the contract market, and most items we see are grey, beige, etc. We tap into the homification of spaces and we want to bring in elements of crochet, craftsmanship, and 3-dimension, more organic textures to the contract business environment.

What were some difficulties in translating your fashion work into furniture design?

There are a lot more rules and boxes that we need to tick like getting the proper certificates, the materials need to be fire-resistant, etc. So these were all things that we were not used to. For furniture, we are designing and making products which will last for 10 years, with also the goal of being sustainable.

How do you now balance between fashion and furniture design?

The fashion thing is really in our genes, and we do it very well so we will keep on doing it. What makes it very nice for us is, for example, on Monday we are working on a fashion project, and then on Tuesday we are working with BuzziSpace. It’s that constant freshness that helps us with ideas for both interior and fashion; it’s a crossover.

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