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How to Design for Well-Being

We share our ABCs for optimizing acoustics in hybrid spaces.

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Did you know that 50% of workers have identified to be more productive in a less noisy environment while over 70% frequently lose concentration? 44% of the research group also stated that their company does nothing to address noise.

“Well-being - The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”

For almost 17 years, BuzziSpace has been catering to the Hybrid Ways of Working and Living, which blurs the boundaries between what we all experience daily from working, socializing, and beyond.

Following the pandemic, we continue to see a rise in return to office rates:

  • United States: 55%
  • Europe: 75%
  • APAC: 85%

How to Attract People in Coming Back to the Office

First, we need to understand why people are hesitant to return. This is due to:

  • Distractions
  • Interference
  • Interruption

It’s also been reported that the top noise distractions are due to:

  • Conversations Among Employees
  • Phone Conversations
  • Phones Ringing
  • People Walking Around

Therefore, poor acoustics and no privacy are the leading causes of workplace dissatisfaction!

How to Create Well-Being by Design

Design a community-building space, to gather, socialize, network, exchange, focus work, and collaborate.

You'll Need to Create Visual and Acoustic Privacy While Catering to Employee Needs

The ABCs for Well-Being by Design

A — Absorb

Absorb sound waves to reduce reverberation and noise levels in a specific area.


Ceiling panels – Acoustic LightingAcoustic Wall coverings

Our BuzziJet, BuzziPleat, and BuzziPebl are handcrafted and high performing.

B — Block

Create acoustic barriers between occupants using screens and partitions to improve speech and visual privacy, meaning fewer distractions. To help block out sound, incorporate desk partitions and room dividers, such as our plush BuzziPlanter or uniquely detailed BuzziFalls solutions.


Desk PartitionsRoom Dividers

BuzziSpace buzziplanter acoustic room divider table planter biophilia

C — Contain

Reduce distractions by using acoustic furniture to contain sound at its source. Create “MeSpace” in a “WeSpace” by introducing acoustic furniture and/or privacy and phone booths. BuzziNest is a perfect place to find quiet in large open spaces, while BuzziSpark can help hide distractions while trying to fit in some brainstorming time.


Acoustic furniturePrivacy & Phone booths

D — Displace

Displace the noise by providing access to dedicated phone booths, informal meeting areas and collaboration spaces with extra absorption via our acoustic furniture, soft seating, and also privacy and phone booths. One of our popular products is BuzziCee, which not only provides acoustic seating but also becomes a focal point in any environment. Another alternative is the BuzziHug privacy booth, which can also be used as a standup desk.


Acoustic furniture – Privacy & Phone boothsSoft Seating

E – Engage & Educate

Engage and involve the employees for higher adoption and ambassadors. Educate on office etiquette at the same time.

F – Flexible Solutions

Choose flexible solutions to cater to the quick-shifting demands in the workspace.

Happy & Healthy Workspaces With a Focus on Well-Being

Final Tips

  • Need for a dynamic workspace that caters to both collaborative and restorative activities
  • Noise and conversational distractions have the biggest impact on productivity
  • Well-being in the office enhances employee engagement and loyalty
  • Person-centered approach to office design

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