BuzziSol LED

BuzziSol LED: A ray of light

Instantly brighten up your room with this versatile and straightforward pendant light fixture. Choose BuzziSol LED Solo for smaller settings or add a BuzziSol LED Trio or BuzziSol LED Quintet for larger gathering spots and collaboration areas.

Ambiance from within

BuzziSol LED Globe’s light source is housed within a frosted glass globe, which offers 170 degrees of illumination. Paired with an acoustic pendant, BuzziSol LED Globe helps to create a calm and ambient setting.

Provide direction

Looking for a more direct light source? BuzziSol LED Spot is perfect for meeting rooms, workstations, and office settings. The spot is concealed inside a powder-coated metal heat sink and is equipped with a 38-degree reflector that allows it to direct light onto a surface.

Simple yet versatile

Because of BuzziSol LED’s demure design language, it can work alone to create modern and minimalist spaces. Additionally, all BuzziSol LED models can easily be added to existing lighting solutions in our catalog. Opt for BuzziSol LED Solo to elevate BuzziPleat, BuzziShade, or BuzziProp, for example. On the other hand, BuzziSol LED Trio and BuzziSol LED Quintet variations can be paired with BuzziProp Beam and BuzziZepp.

Sleek details

Both BuzziSol LED Trio and BuzziSol LED Quintet provide multiple lighting sources without the hassle of numerous bases and power cords. The two options are equipped with one sleek black metal canopy and only one power cable in matching black.

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A light for every need

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