BuzziSol Retrofit

BuzziSol Retrofit: Your Space, Your Rules

Instantly create your own ambience with the versatile and minimalist BuzziSol Retrofit. Choose BuzziSol Retrofit for smaller settings or add a BuzziSol Trio Retrofit or BuzziSol Quintet Retrofit to larger gathering spots and collaboration areas.

BuzziSpace Buzzisol retrofit

Create your own vibe

No two spaces are alike, and neither are our lighting solutions. With our retrofit option, customization is at your fingertips. Tailor BuzziSol Retrofit to match your ambiance, whether it's the warm glow of a cozy restaurant or the crisp brightness of a bustling office. Your space, your rules.

Keep up with trends

Experience the latest in lighting innovation and future-proof your space against changing trends and standards. By choosing your own bulbs, you can continuously create and set the vibe for any interior.

Simple yet versatile

Because of BuzziSol Retrofit's demure design language, it can work alone to create modern and minimalist spaces. Additionally, all BuzziSol Retrofit models can easily be added to existing lighting solutions in our catalog. Opt for BuzziSol Retrofit to elevate BuzziPleat, BuzziShade, or BuzziProp, for example. On the other hand, BuzziSol Trio Retrofit and BuzziSol Quintet Retrofit variations can be paired with BuzziProp Beam and BuzziZepp.

Sleek details

Both BuzziSol Trio Retrofit and BuzziSol Quintet Retrofit provide multiple lighting sources without the hassle of numerous bases and power cords. The two options are equipped with one sleek black metal canopy and only one power cable in matching black.

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A versatile lighting family

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