Light+Building 2022

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The Power of Color & Acoustics.

Couldn't make it to this year's Light+Building?

After five busy yet memorable days, Light+Building 2022 is a wrap! For those able to stop by, we hope you were able to learn about The Power of Color & Acoustics while discoving our lauded range of acoustic lighting. We can’t wait to see you in 2023. Let’s relive some of the highlights from this year’s edition below.

New Solutions Shown at Light+Building

Below are some of the acoustic lighting elements and pendant lighting that were on display such as BuzziShield Light, BuzziChip and BuzziPleat Light Edel Long.

Go directly to the product pages to get to know the new solutions better, or get a quick preview of them by scrolling down the page.

More Lighting Solutions

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— BuzziShield Light

BuzziShield Light is a gently curved linear fixture with integrated dimmable LEDs and elevated with stitch detailing. Perfect for fixed workstations, collaboration zones, and reception areas.

— BuzziChip

BuzziChip helps you move away from hard edges while adding a playful touch to any area. Combine the different models in various fabrics and colors to form a playful and dynamic ceiling. Perfect for breakout zones, meeting rooms, and lounges.

BuzziSpace Buzzichip acoustic lighting retrofit globe spot

— BuzziPleat Light Edel Long

Finally, BuzziPleat Light Edel Long provides a shelter when suspended above a large communal table, creating a sense of togetherness. The new BuzziPleat Light Edel Long model can be paired with BuzziSol Trio or BuzziSol Quintet in either a Globe or Spot iteration. Perfect for the hospitality sector, open spaces, and break-out zones.

Welcome back to Frankfurt

When it comes to happy and healthy spaces, BuzziSpace goes above and beyond.

Join us at Light+Building 2022 between October 2-6, where bright ideas are waiting for you!

Stand out from the crowd with our range of handcrafted acoustic lighting solutions that can be customized in colorful felts and fabrics.

Many studies have shown color plays an integral role in human behavior and can positively impact our working and living environments. The uniqueness of your hybrid workspace or living environment lies in the variety of colors you can choose. Our acoustic lighting solutions can be customized and upholstered in a range of colorful felts and fabrics to suit your design needs and company DNA.

Our dedicated sales team is looking forward to showing you our innovative and humancentric acoustic solutions first-hand so you can create your own happy, healthy, and acoustically balanced workspace. See you soon!

Acoustic Lighting Should Never be an Afterthought

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